SkillUp- Investor Education

SkillUp- Investor Education is a national education campaign set up by AIWMI for investors and clients of financial products and services respectively.

Low levels of financial literacy has always been the pain point of Indian financial services sector and the economy as a whole. This problem is expected to become more severe following the rise of the global COVID-19 pandemic which is causing economic repercussions across the country. Efforts to contain the spreading coronavirus is causing loss of jobs and income across the populace and without strong financial literacy skills, a large section of these people are prone to fall into major financial problems.

SkillUp- Investor Education is an effort to upskill masses through advanced training and assessments specially designed for them.

The learning under SkillUp campaign is completely free for everyone. Empanelled Mentors of AIWMI conduct training sessions regularly. Participants can attend any number of such sessions conducted by any/all of our mentors.

Post-learning, participants have the option to take up any of the following National Assessments and be certified.

AIWMI conducts these online Assessments s for Investors/ Clients of financial products/ services on the last Sunday of every Month. Candidates can appear for the tests from home. Successful candidates are awarded a Certificate.

Assessment Fee: Rs. 100 per test

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