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About FET:

FET is a national proficiency test in finance for entrepreneurs that is endorsed by all the key stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as the academia. With more than 25000 Entrepreneurs expected to go through FET in 2020, this standardized test will be the first-of-its-kind initiative anywhere in the world. FET is expected to play a pivotal role in strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

The need for financial knowledge among Entrepreneurs is one of the least mentioned topics in the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem today.

Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs set up and establish businesses. The real challenge facing these entrepreneurs is to subsequently gain scale. All small businesses need to grow profitably in order to succeed. The ability to scale a business in a profitable and sustainable way requires financial literacy.

Financial literacy enables entrepreneurs to take responsibility for every rupee and to maintain a sharp focus on costs and the simple measures of cash flow, all of which are critical in maximizing a business’s chance of survival and growth.

A financially literate business owner is more likely to be fully in control of his business. Gaining an understanding of what balance sheets and profit and loss statements mean provides a clear view of the financial state of your enterprise and subsequently facilitates smarter business decisions.

An Entrepreneur may not want to handle financial functions of his company but participating in FET will help him assess his own understanding of this crucial subject and build on it to give himself the best chance of building a business that can thrive.

Topics Covered in FET:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Capitalization Table
  • Income Statement
  • Cashflow
  • Financial Modeling for Business
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Ratios
  • Return on Investment
  • Creating a Financially Intelligent Company

India Entrepreneurs' Financial Acumen Report 2020- Coming Soon

What to expect from FET?


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Last Date to Enroll for FET 31st July 2020
 Exam Fee  Rs. 590
 Exam Dates 8th-9th August 2020
Results  15th August 2020

Tutorial Webinars will be conducted between June- July 2020

Registration Closed

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