India’s Top 100 “Women in Finance” - 2019

India’s Top 100 “Women in Finance” is a campaign designed to identify the most successful and respected women professionals working in the areas of finance, financial services, financial education & financial journalism.

Although the Indian financial services sector has made great strides toward a gender-balanced workforce in the last decade or so, there is still a long way to go.  This campaign aims to encourage outstanding women leadership in the industry and groom future leaders.

Women professionals who will feature in this list will be talented, resilient, ethical, strong, and will have grit. They will be the ones who are inspiring their professional network to learn and grow. They are the ones who have faced professional and personal challenges and have come out victorious with a stronger sense of purpose and drive. The relentless pursuit of excellence will be common trait amongst all of them.

These women represent our esteemed Most Powerful Women in Business–a listing that crosses industry, public and private companies, and roles. The impressive credentials of the women on this list place them among some of the most influential executives and entrepreneurs in the country. Despite consistent barriers to entry, these women continue to use their leadership prowess to manage the bottom line but also to shape the direction of future generations of business leaders.

AIWMI will be shortlisting professionals in each of these categories:

Guiding: Women professionals who are playing an active role on various Boards, Committees, Think-tanks & Policy Groups.

Leading: Women professionals working in finance/ financial institutions in a CXO role.

Progressing: Women professionals working in financial institutions who are above the age of 30 and not currently in the CXO role.

Promising: Women professionals working in finance / financial institutions who are under the age of 30.

& last but not the least

Supporting:  This special category is for Men in CXO role who are making a significant contribution to gender diversity and to the rise of women to senior business roles.

Selection method:  Nominations will be sought from the industry professionals (both men and women).

We are looking for the best and brightest of Women Professionals in the Indian Financial Services. If you know someone who is well-rounded and contributes to his/her industry and community, we would like you to introduce him/her to us.

The nominees will be considered on the following criteria:

  • Accomplishment (Success in profession)
  • Contribution (Promotion of the profession, thought-leadership, pro-bono work, etc.)
  • Leadership (Within a company, industry, etc.)
  • Promise (Passion, Enthusiasm, Ideas, etc.)

A person can also nominate himself/herself. The nominee will receive a questionnaire once the nomination period closes. Additionally, though not required nominees in the Progressing category will be encouraged to submit two letters of recommendation and a resume showing why they are deserving of this honor at the time the questionnaire is due.

All honorees will be recognized through a special report to be unveiled during the 2nd annual “Women in Finance” Leadership Summit in Mumbai on March 08, 2019

Contact: If you have any questions, email Ms. Foram Sheth on or +91- 86574 87781

Nominations Deadline: February 20, 2019

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Disclaimer: The Association of International Wealth Management of India (AIWMI) is an independent entity/brand and has no relation, whatsoever, with AIWM