VBA for MS Excel (MS Excel Macro)

VBA for MS Excel (MS Excel Macro)

Course Objective
At the end of this program, participants should be able to write subroutines and functions (Macros) for use with MS Excel

Pre-requisite : The participants are expected to have prior working knowledge of MS Excel

Course duration: 10 hours

Brief synopsis:
In this training you would learn how to automate routine tasks using MS Excel. You would be working on (i) Cleaning up MS Excel files
(ii) Automatically rearranging data
(iii) Email contents automatically to a list of users from MS Excel
(iv) Create custom made function for converting numbers to words.

Course outline and agenda

Day/Date Topic Coverage Faculty Time
Nov 26, 2020 Introduction and Overview – Overview of VBA

– Understanding the VBA environment

– Understanding VBA libraries

– Overview of object, properties and methods

– Understanding subroutines and functions

Mr. Viswanathan 08:00 PM
Dec 3, 2020 Input, processing, and storage – Input commands in MS Excel

– Storing input data in MS Excel or name manager

– Processing data in VBA

– Use of MS Excel functions in VBA

– Storing calculated results in MS Excel

Mr. Viswanathan 08:00 PM
Dec 10, 2020 Logical functions – If.. Then.. Else construct

– Select Case construct

Mr. Viswanathan 08:00 PM
Dec 17, 2020 Loops – For Next construct

– Do Loop Construct

– While Wend construct

Mr. Viswanathan 08:00 PM
Dec 24, 2020 Working with code snippets – Generating code snippets using record macro feature

– Obtaining code snippets online

Mr. Viswanathan 08:00 PM
Jan 7, 2021 Creating a complete subroutine – Identifying the steps

– Identifying conditional steps

– Generating codes

– Modifying codes to suit the need

– External resources helpful for coding

Mr. Viswanathan 08:00 PM
Jan 14, 2021 Creating functions – Understanding the concept of functions

– Private and public functions

– Calling additional functions and sub-routines

– Creating and function to work with MS Excel

Mr. Viswanathan 08:00 PM
Jan 21, 2021 Creating and working with user forms – – Introduction to ActiveX controls

– Various ActiveX controls button

– Reading values in ActiveX control and accepting input using the same

– Adding elements to ActiveX controls manually and automatically

– Hiding and showing ActiveX controls

Mr. Viswanathan 08:00 PM


Program Fee

Program Fee: Rs. 3540
Fee for AIWMI Students: Rs. 1770
Fee for Exqualifi Members: Nil

*Fees is Inclusive of GST

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