Certificate In Integrated Treasury Management (CTM)

The Certificate in Integrated Treasury Management (CTM)  is a comprehensive global certification exam designed to assess a candidate’s expert level understanding of  treasury functions. This program tests a candidate on his capability to develop a disciplined and systematic approach to managing  all financial affairs of the business such as maintaining corporate liquidity, raising funds for the business from various sources, currency management, cash flows and various strategies and procedures of corporate finance.

In the current business landscape, the importance of treasury management really can’t be understated. As regulation and technology in the financial sector changes at an ever-increasing pace, and the business landscape becomes increasingly competitive, there is more pressure on corporates to efficiently manage cash. The responsibility for making sure that this strategic money management is carried out effectively falls to the business’ treasury department, who must plan, organise and control the cash assets in order to meet the financial goals of the business, whatever they may be.

Treasury Management is the planning, organizing and controlling holding, funds and working capital of the enterprise in order to make the best possible use of the funds, maintain firm’s liquidity, reduce the overall cost of funds, and mitigate operational and financial risk.  It covers working capital management, currency management, corporate finance and financial risk management. The end goal of any for-profit enterprise is to maximize owner’s wealth. For corporations, this translates into maximizing shareholder wealth. Treasury management drives value creation through maximizing cash liquidity for companies that often have fluctuating cash flow and needs. It achieves this through cash flow management, short-term financing and medium-term financing. Treasury management plays a critical role by ensuring that a company has the cash it needs at all times to run its business.

The Certificate in Integrated Treasury Management (CTM) is designed to prepare an all round treasury professional.

Reference Book/Study Material

Study notes, tutorial webinars, regular conference calls, additional reading material and mock tests are provided by AIWMI.

In addition the candidates can refer to the following books:The Suggested/Recommended reference book for this course are:

1. Treasury Management, IIBF

2. The Hand Book of Fixed Income Securities by Frank J Fabozzi and Steven V Mann

3. Essentials of Treasury Management by by Jim Washam and Matthew D. Hill


All these reference books are available on leading bookstores and online portals. Students can buy the recommended reference book directly from the Market for the said course.

Exam Details

AIWMI offers the CTM examination across 5000+ Pearson VUE computer testing centers in 180 countries worldwide as well as on the AIWMI assessment platform. Candidates can schedule exam after paying exam fees on any working day on any of the Pearson centres or on the last Sunday of every month on the AIWMI assessment platform.


Fee Regular Mode Self Study Mode Exam Mode
11800 2360
2360 2360 2360
Total 14160 4720 2360
Inclusions 1. Session notes
2. Live online tutorials
3. Past tutorial session recordings
4. Guest sessions by Thought Leaders
5. Mock test
6. Instructional PPTs
7. Refresher tutorials (3 sessions)
8. Exqualifi Membership- 1 Year
9. Complimentary pass to all AIWMI virtual conferences for 1 year
1. All tutorial session recordings
2. Session notes
3. MockTest
4. Refresher sessions (3 sessions)
1. Exam fee for one attempt


Sr. No. Name of Module Type of Questions Test Duration in minutes No. of Questions Maximum Marks Pass Percentage(%) Negative Marking
1 Certified in Integrated Treasury Management (CTM) 1 Mark MCQ – 120 180 120 120 50 No

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